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SSL Data Encryption

SSL Data Encryption is the common method of encrypting data between your Internet web browser and the server the web page is hosted on. When you make online purchases your personal information and credit card number are sent from your browser to the web server for the processing of your order. Since web pages are sent in plain text over an open network any data sent to the web server would be sent in plain text as well. To prevent the interception of confidential information it must be encrypted. Encryption prevents the transmission of plain text over the open network of the Internet. Always look for the lock  or an https:// in the address bar of your browser when making purchases or sending your personal information over the Internet.

The latests in website trends is "Encryption Everywhere". This means your webiste will likely be afected. Browsers will begin to show sites as not secure even if there is no need to encrypt the content, and search engines will use this as a ranking signal. As a ranking signal, your site will likely be moved lower in your search position.

Purcahse Your Certificate Directly From Us

We now offer direct purchase of SSL certicates. Just purchase the certificate you desire for your site and we'll take care of the rest (see Instal Note below). Or if you prefer you can call (503-488-5452) or email us and your certificate will be installed and you'll be invoiced with your next hosting invoice.

Select your SSL certificate to purchase:

SSL Certificates
Certificate 1 Yr 2 Yr Key Feature
RapidSSL $20.00/yr $17.50/yr Installed in minutes
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $80.00/yr $70.00/yr Installed in minutes / GeoTrust Secure Site Logo
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV $180.00/yr $150.00/yr Business validation / Green "secure" address bar
Thawte SSL 123 Web Server $60.00/yr $50.00/yr Installed in minutes
Thawte SSL Web Server $100.00/yr $95.00/yr Thawte Secure Site Logo
Thawte SSL Webserver EV $180.00/yr $160.00/yr Business validation / Green "secure" address bar



Install Note - Installing an SSL certificate is the first step of "securing" your site. There may need to be additional configuration or website updates to get your site to fully function under HTTPS. Feel free to call us to discuss additional steps needed for your site.

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